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    Friendly, expert advice

    We’re available 24/7 to provide free guidance, from general questions to identifying urgent care needs—because early detection is crucial for preventing small problems from becoming big ones.

    All of our veterinary professionals are based in the U.S. and have years of clinical experience.

    vethelpline is available to all pet owners. vethelpline is not a substitute for a visit to your primary veterinarian.


    How it works

    The vethelpline is there when you need it—and it’s only from Nationwide®.

    • Covers cats and dogs
    • Free to members of Nationwide
      ($170 value)
    • Talk to a veterinary professional
    • Unlimited access

    Info to have when you call

    • Your Nationwide policy number
    • Your primary concern
    • Your pet’s symptoms and how long they’ve been going on
    • Any other health problems
    • Current medications
    • Package label if a potentially poisonous substance was ingested